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Hans Marc Moises is a genome scientist and professor of psychiatry (retired) at the University of Kiel in Germany. He studied medicine and molecular genetics at the Universities of Heidelberg (Germany) and Stanford (USA). His main scientific focus is on the influence of genes on human behavior.

After his training in psychiatry at the
Central Institute of Mental Health (Germany) and in genetics at the Department of Genetics of Stanford University (USA), he established the Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Kiel (Germany). In collaboration with internationally renowned researchers, his laboratory searched for genes for intelligence, discovered the first susceptibility gene for atopic dermatitis, and completed the first genome scan of schizophrenia with significant findings.

His list of publications includes several highly cited articles. For example, his paper published in
Nature Genetics is among the Top 50 of the most cited schizophrenia papers. He also contributed to several scientific books among others Contemporary Psychiatry, Behavior Genetic Principles, and Encyclopedia of the Human Genome. His publications include a new model of genes-environmental interactions in schizophrenia " The glial growth factors deficiency and synaptic destabilization hypothesis of schizophrenia", a highly accessed article at BioMed Central.

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